The joy of the new – Why Post ’92 universities are better for Games

Only 8 of the universities offering Games related courses, according to UCAS, are not former polytechnics. Why this is has been debated by Richard Bartle at the recent Edinburgh Interactive Festival, as reported here:

Basically, Bartle makes the argument that lack of academic credibility, and more importantly the lack of research funding for games, beyond “games for education” make the discipline unattractive for the older universities. No top grade publication route means that games research is hard to include in the RAE. However, I don’t expect that this will change anytime soon, and also believe that ‘gamegogy’ – my term of the use of games development (not just playing or consumption of games) as an educational tool – has a lot to offer Education.


About DoctorMikeReddy

I teach game programming at the University of Wales, Newport
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