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Hitler finds out about Jacek Fedoryński

I came across this site that automates making Hitler Downfall parodies so decided to have a go. It’s not quite straightforward to know what to put in each box, as the transcript doesn’t quite match up to the one at … Continue reading

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Two #1GAM board games – “Mynd” and “Get thee behind me…”

Update You can now play GTBM online at Taebl but you will need a copy of the GTBM.taebl file. Note this needs Silverlight, and humans will need to moderate the rules. My first submission (actually two!) for #1GAM I intend … Continue reading

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#1GAM Journal First Entries

Journal First Entries. A “loose” set of rules to follow: Clearly, #1 and #10 are the most important. To paraphrase Debbie Allen: “You got big dreams. You want fgame ? Well, fgame costs. And right here is where you start … Continue reading

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You are the Hero: KickStarter Support and a #1GAM announcement

This post will serve two purposes: To support Jonathan Green’s “You are the Hero” KickStarter Campaign for a history of the Fighting Fantasy game books To announce “MaZone”, an upcoming #1GAM #onegameamonth project, which will attempt to innovate in print … Continue reading

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