Moving 11 inches to the North

Once, long ago, I had a thought that the reason why I always seemed to be out of step with the “rest of the World” was because, overnight, the Goddess moved the entire universe (except for me) 11 inches to the North. No one but me could feel a difference. They’d all been moved too. Everything was where it should be, except for me.

Thus was born 11″2^N (eleven inches to the North). Today, technology willing, and with a big side order of thanks to Paco – chief cook and bottle washer of the G*M*S Magazine podcast – I am moving this site 11″^N

In other words, all the posts here are now reproduced at the new site:
Please go there from now on, if you want news of silly things I am doing.


About DoctorMikeReddy

I teach game programming at the University of Wales, Newport
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