About Dr. Mike Reddy

Dr. Mike Reddy is a Story Teller, Writer and Broadcaster, Lecturer and all round Pedagogist, interested in Games, Plagiarism, Social Effects of Technology, oh and Plagiarism. Mike has studied and worked at several universities, including Durham, Leeds and Manchester, but is now teaching Games and Future Technology at the University of South Wales. He has just finished running an EU funded project, CalDys2, working with 10 EU partners to create computer games to aid children with dyslexia learn English as a second language.

Mike claims to be “an awful academic, far more interested in the playing and the doing of life than the writing and reviewing” and perhaps for that reason has been instrumental in raising debate over 21st century pedagogy and teaching practices in the UK, reprioritizing learning and reminding us that education is something you do for/with students, not at them. He is a founder member of the independent expert advisory board for PlagiarismAdvice.org, and has been active in plagiarism research for nearly two decades.

Dr. Reddy is a proponent of “assessment for learning” and novel forms of assessment to remove opportunities for academic misconduct in student assignments, and has made a lifelong commitment to improving Higher Education and adult pedagogy through experiments in the use of simulation, games and experiential learning and assessment. He is currently stupidly busy working on the World’s first degree for getting artists, designers and programmers to design, build and program smart 3D devices.

Mike has consulted for the British Council, JISC and the EPSRC recently on issues ranging from Global Warming to Plagiarism in Grant Applications. He has experience in specialist and general press, and is a regular contributor on radio and TV on education, gadgets and games technology

Specialties:Plagiarism, Peer-negotiated assessment, problem based learning (PBL), 3D Modelling, Game Engine Technology, Artificial Intelligence, History of Computer Games, Future Technology (a.k.a. “Futology”)


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